Our cycle of intelligence, conception, creation and production means that we can prove if a concept works early, flex the solution to meet any changes and reduce development time. At every stage we combine the latest in modelling, analysis and simulation software with our knowledge and expertise, to ensure the data is interpreted in the right way.

Our results are fed back into our systems at each stage. So we’re endlessly building our knowledge bank to help us create solutions that work in the real world. And while we can provide specialist support at any part of the development process, we find the whole solution is always greater than the sum of its parts.



We’re constantly looking outside our category and investing in the latest in simulation and analytical capability. We then correlate our findings with our own testing to build more powerful models and continually expand our capability and knowledge. This, in conjunction with our historical background in motorsport and a focus on commercial application, gives us a unique perspective. Making us valued by our customers, Government bodies and industry peers.



We’re committed to the development of new technologies, which starts by helping our customers gain a real world view of the opportunity, options and challenges. We then simulate and interpret results, not only to understand what’s feasible but so we can recommend the best solution within budgets and timeframes. This analysis allows us to create a comprehensive scope of works supported by metrics for constant optimisation.



Our creation cycle (originally developed for the demands of motorsport) treats design, analysis, development, testing and prototyping as a single integrated element. We run everything in a continuous loop so we can see which solutions perform best and prove early if a concept works, saving time and budget. Our results are then fed back into our analysis tools, so we can build on what we’ve achieved.



From prototypes to OEM small-scale production, we’re optimised for specialist manufacturing and assembly that conforms to the highest OEM standards. Our Advanced Manufacturing Centres can manufacture everything from parts, housings and performance components, to the assembly and supply of complete engines. Delivering up to 5,000 units a year. And because we manage design and manufacture in house we can refine any part of the process to optimise the final product.