From prototypes to OEM small-scale production, we’re optimised for specialist manufacturing and assembly that conforms to the highest standards. We produce everything from parts, housings and performance components, to the assembly and supply of complete engines. Delivering up to 5,000 units a year. We can make to customers’ plans or, with our expertise of both design and manufacture in house, we can work collaboratively with our customers to optimise their products.


We know that prototyping is an integral part of the development process so we are quick to react and fast to develop. And because we create prototypes for our own projects we understand what is needed at each stage and can advise on how to best optimise throughout a project.


Our Advanced Manufacturing Centre in the UK is specifically designed to conform to OEM production standards, providing large-scale style production for volumes of up to 5,000 units per year.


Our engine workshop caters for specialist builds of up to 100 units per year. It is ideally suited for limited run production cars, prototype engines and clean-sheet motorsport engines. Each engine is hand-built by an individual for full traceability and every development recorded to provide ‘build’ data.


We are a specialist in producing high quality performance parts for aviation, motorsports and historical racing in three areas: piston forging; machining cams, cranks, heads and blocks; and, 5-axis machining of more complex parts. After 60 years of manufacture, we have well established processes to ensure every part is perfect to exact tolerances.


One of our core capabilities is producing components that others can’t. For each project, we combine an experienced production engineer with the best machine operator in the field to find strategic and practical solutions where others haven’t.