Our V10 “TJ” engine originally ran from 2003 to 2006 in Formula 1®. Far from being retired, these engines are still being raced by private individuals who want them to be driven, not just admired. We now provide support for several customers running the TJ engine in the Boss GP series around the world. Other engines from our past can be rebuilt on a case by case basis.

The Challenge
We still retain the tooling from the 2000s to manufacture the components for the “TJ” engine, however the decision to manufacture new parts in small quantities is not taken lightly. We need to be flexible and pragmatic in considering our approach to the solution.

The Solution
The engines were stripped and inspected, and all component unique IDs referenced against our extensive lifing database. All parts were crack-tested and re-used if appropriate. Components that needed to be replaced were either sourced or manufactured in-house in small batches.

With decades of experience and knowledge of piston design we retrospectively updated the design of the “TJ” engine to incorporate a new piston manufactured in house from modern material.

Engine Spec
No. of cylinders: 10
Capacity: 3,000cc
Power: 915bhp
Rev limit: 19,000rpm

Focus on: pneumatic valve springs
Pneumatic springs provide a number of advantages: they experience no hysteresis, which allows a higher rpm and very aggressive cam profiles. They are also substantially lighter than a steel part, reducing the overall mass of the engine.

Our relief valves are orientated 90 degrees to the axis of operation, reducing vibration related air loss through the valve.

Pneumatic valve springs require assembly in a clean room environment as even the tiniest amount of debris can cause a seal failure.