For over 60 years Cosworth has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible within Powertrain and Electronics technology, today we are transferring this knowledge to new sectors furthering propulsion, hybridisation, connectivity and automation technologies.

The Automotive industry is undergoing a radical transformation – most car manufacturers agree the next ten years will bring more change than the two previous decades, with electrification being a significant driving force of this development. While hybrid technology is set to dominate that transformation in the short term, some projections suggest that full electric vehicles could comprise as much as 30% of new car sales by 2030.

However, as the mix of propulsion systems evolves, increased electrification brings a number of critical challenges – notably, the need to increase the life and reduce the weight and cost of mobile energy storage systems. To help meet these challenges, we have harnessed our expertise in innovation and forged partnerships with leaders within the battery development space.

In collaboration with our partners we have recently completed the design, assembly and first trials of a prototype battery pack specifically to demonstrate and explore the benefits of smart cell technology.

This concept offers advantages for every step of the battery lifecycle: significantly reducing the amount of wiring and connectors required and improving the information available to manufacturers from the initial formation cycles right through to the end-of life and recycling stages, and offering a tremendous degree of flexibility to pack layout and design, saving costs in assembly and reducing volume and weight for OEMs.

With a strong focus on maximising energy density, charging efficiency and minimising the weight of battery packs, Cosworth remains committed to be at the forefront of mobility solutions of the future, continuously innovating to solve problems in ways that in the past seemed unachievable.

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