The UK’s 12th annual National Apprenticeship Week celebrates the positive impact that apprenticeships can have on businesses, as well as the individuals who undertake them. At Cosworth, we have long recognised the importance of an integrated apprenticeship scheme that puts young people at the heart of the initiative.

We have welcomed many aspiring automotive and motorsport engineers over the years, who we have supported with a credible apprenticeship scheme that successfully combines business needs and on-the-job learning. We caught up with one of our current apprentices, Callum Jervis, an 18-year-old from Liverpool who is putting his passion for engineering into practice on a daily basis.

“Since a young age, I have been interested in engine building,” he says. “I have always worked in the garage at home with my dad; that is my favourite part of building a car. I applied for an apprenticeship at Cosworth because it was a great opportunity to follow my dream at an amazing level.

Cosworth is one of the most prominent companies in the industry. I felt immediately at home on my training days, in an extremely friendly environment. You aren’t made to feel like an apprentice, you are treated just like an equal, as part of the wider team. That’s one of the best things about being here.”

Like all our apprentices, Callum’s role is hands-on and all encompassing, with involvement in real-world projects that are contributing to the company’s growth. Attention to detail is important.

“My responsibilities on a daily basis are building engines and stripping them down,” he says. “I also provide support to the dyno team should it be required. After each job, I clean the build shop and my work area, as well as cleaning and washing all of the parts. To have the opportunity to work on projects like the Aston Martin Valkyrie powertrain is very exciting. It’s an important project for Cosworth but also for the automotive industry.”

We enable our apprentices to think critically and problem-solve, while developing their interpersonal skills by interacting with people in a variety of roles across the business. Our apprentices are given a dedicated mentor to help them every step of the way. As a result of their experiences, most move into full-time positions within the company, underscoring the authenticity of the scheme.

“In my relatively short time at Cosworth, I have already learned many different tricks of the trade: from basic engine build, to the point I can confidently build and strip engines on my own without assistance, to more skilled techniques with a range of equipment. My colleagues are easy to work with and are always there to pass down the knowledge they have accrued over many years.”

Callum’s love of engineering is matched only by his musical prowess. A Cosworth apprenticeship has certainly allowed him to hit the right professional notes.

“I love to play and learn new songs on the guitar, attending open mic nights, but cars have played a big part in my life, and that of my family,” he says. “My dad has inspired me massively. With him working in the industry, and at home with me, I have grown up aspiring to follow in his footsteps. Cosworth has allowed me to do just that. My brother, too, has been a source of inspiration with a great work ethic, which I aim to match whenever I can. The knowledge I have gained from working at Cosworth has also assisted a lot in my spare time. I am currently building and working on a 1967 Mini Cooper S from the ground up. It has a lot of distinct components, not least the engine, which has been tuned to make over 100bhp with special camshafts, roller rockers, pistons and rods.”

Apprenticeships allow our business to harness the enthusiasm and passion of aspiring automotive engineers for the greater good of the organisation. It’s a two-way street: our apprentices learn from some of the best in the industry, while we develop the Cosworth engineers of the future.

“The opportunities and experiences at Cosworth are second to none,” believes Callum. “I couldn’t recommend it any more highly. The environment is positive and gives me the opportunity to learn and practice something I enjoy. If you have a passion for automotive engineering, this is absolutely the best place to work.”