When racing goes down to the wire, teams and drivers need to know that the equipment they have at their disposal will allow them to push right to the chequered flag, safe in the knowledge that decisions made in the split second can positive influence their race result.

Even after twelve hours of non-stop, wheel-to-wheel battles, drivers push their machines to new limits. The weekend’s Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hours endurance race proved this point once again with our customers firmly in the heart of the victory fight.

Earl Bamber Motorsport’s Porsche 911 GT3R entry ultimately emerged victorious ahead of the Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 of R Motorsport, both teams making the most of our electronics solutions in an electrifying finale.

In searing Australian heat, 43 crews tackled the might of the 6.2km Mount Panorama circuit, and the 23 turns that ascend up to and then descend down the mountain, making it one of the toughest challenges on the motorsport calendar.

Over half of the grid on this year’s 12-hour race featured our latest specification motorsport electronics, all of which have been designed to withstand the most gruelling of conditions. While we are confident that we can deliver to the most rigorous standards, there is nothing like a wheel-to-wheel endurance race to replicate the conditions under which our products are designed and tested.

Our Toolset and Toolbox telemetry play a critical role in race strategy. In such a closely fought race such as Bathurst, a team’s ability to make the right calls at the right time, fuel mileage and fuel saving strategies for example, can be a decisive factor. It is this sort of situation where races can be won or lost.

“This finale was breathtaking,” said Porsche Motorsport’s Sebastien Golz, Project Manager for the 911 GT3 R. “We focussed our entire race strategy on this last stint. The team prepared for it perfectly, and the drivers implemented it perfectly. At the end we fitted fresh tyres, filled the tank and put Matt Campbell in the car – then full attack to the finish line.”

Our Intelligent Power System, IPS, was also fitted on both Porsche and Aston Martin vehicles. Bringing intelligence to on-car electronics helps keep vehicles operating at their peak performance when under the duress of endurance racing as they were at Bathurst. Controlling any electrical component on the car, from ECU and dash to pumps, fans, wipers and the radio, this is a fundamental piece of technology that allows cars to reach their performance potential over an extended period of racing. Whether it’s a one-hour sprint or a longer endurance race, our motorsport electronics products can compete with the best and, like our customers, come out on top no matter what the conditions.

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