Manufacturers looking to stay one step ahead of their rivals in the continual race to offer new in-car features can rely on Cosworth’s infotainment offering, better known as AliveDrive.

The product is customised to create a unique solution to every automotive manufacturer and incorporates sensors (HD cameras, GPS, IMU and microphones), on-vehicle processing units, software, iOS & Android applications and Cosworth’s Toolbox analysis software.

Linked via a secure cloud-based ecosystem, AliveDrive offers a seamless experience to the end user and acts as an integral part of the vehicle – just like a SatNav or cruise control.

“We are constantly looking for ways of helping manufacturers better engage with their drivers,” says Managing Director Electronics, Thomas Buckler. “AliveDrive is a market-first product, which allows manufacturers to stay in contact with their customers after they drive off the forecourt in a fun and engaging way.”

One of those manufacturers is General Motors. Branded as Performance Data Recorder, or PDR, AliveDrive has been integrated into recent models of Corvette, Cadillac, and Camaro.

AliveDrive is easily accessible to the user from the standard infotainment system. A key feature is the intelligent dash cam, which can detect incidents and automatically log HD video along with integrated data. The video is accessed by the user on their personal devices, without the need to remove an SD card from the car.

“Anytime your vehicle is outside of your control, AliveDrive allows you to remotely monitor and capture what happens to it, explains Buckler. “Real-time alerts are sent directly to your personal device if the car is driven poorly, allowing you to make a decision on what to do based on that data.”

For the track enthusiast, AliveDrive offers HD vehicle and data capture; a scoring system that ranks only the very best drivers; and in-app driving tuition for improving lap-times from the very best professional racing drivers.

“For manufacturers, the vehicle record, playback and analysis capabilities enable them to appeal to the technology-focused driver,” says Buckler. “AliveDrive generates beautiful, data-rich video reels – with automotive branding – that customers will share with their social networks. A virtuous marketing circle is created, driving future interest and, ultimately, sales in the vehicle.”

To date, Cosworth has shipped over 100,000 AliveDrive units to global OEMs, and has contracts with several manufacturers though to 2026.