In the hyper-competitive automotive market, General Motors sought to differentiate themselves – integrating the unique, state-of-the-art technology of our Performance Data Recorder (PDR) to fulfil this requirement.

Our PDR is a combination of both hardware and software consisting of three main elements: Capture, Analysis and Sharing; all connected by a cloud-based ecosystem. Available as an option from GM, either when the car is built or via their aftermarket catalogue, the PDR currently features in the latest Corvette, Cadillac and Camaro models, with a contract in place that extends until 2026.


To design a solution that both improves driver safety and enhances driving experience which fully integrates with the existing infotainment system. Additionally, it must require no batteries and avoid the annoyance of unsightly hanging cables or impede drivers’ sight with suction devices attached to windscreen.


The solution comprises the following features:

Smart Dash Cam – An intelligent dash cam automatically detects incidents, logging HD video along with integrated data to support insurance claims and lower premiums. Users can access the video on any of their personal devices without the need to remove an SD card from the car.

Valet Mode – Record HD video, audio and data when a car is left with a valet. Users can get real time alerts direct to their smartphone if the cars are driven poorly so they can return to the valet station immediately, and have evidence on their phone.

Family Mode – Reassurance that loved-ones are safe with real-time tracking to a smartphone. PDR can be used to coach safer driving through advanced in-app tuition.

Track Mode – HD video and vehicle data capture for the track enthusiast. Compete with everyone who has ever raced on the track with real-time leaderboards, and challenge others across the world via a scoring system that ranks only the best drivers. Improve lap-times through in-app driving tuition and learn from the very best professional racing drivers.

This ground-breaking technology is proving popular, with 100,000 units shipped to date. As this volume increases, our aim is for this equipment is to become commonplace and an integral part of the vehicle for consumers; as familiar as sat-nav or cruise control.