The I-PACE eTROPHY is billed by Jaguar Racing as “the world’s first international race series for a Production Battery Electric car”.  This proves a perfect proving ground to test the latest innovations, that could, in time, become ubiquitous with every day cars of the future.

Recognising Cosworth’s expertise in providing, integrated electronics solutions to OEMs, Jaguar sought a camera and video/data capture solution that enabled detailed side-by-side lap comparison and analysis.

To supply a driver-training solution designed to capture, analyse and share the excitement of the driving experience whilst improving performance of both the vehicle and the driver.

The end product was unveiled at the 2018 Ad Diriyah ePrix incorporating an integrated HDR camera and ECU.

Combining video and car sensor data with high-precision GPS and accelerometer measurements into a single MP4 video file that customers can offload via USB to review trackside, learning on the go.

Customers also get access to Cosworth’s easy-to-use Toolbox software to perform quick driving assessments or deep-dive into the data and explore their drives in greater detail.