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Intelligent Power System (IPS48 MkII)

The IPS48 MkII is the latest generation of electrical power management system developed by the electronics team at Cosworth, using solid state power devices to upgrade and replace traditional DC fuses and circuit breakers, with the benefit of simplified wiring and better control of power consumers. Making the unit programmable via on board intelligence combined with CAN messages enables breakers to be reset automatically and failure modes to be defined enabling a car to be as resilient as possible on the punishing conditions encountered
on any racing stage.

Designed to drive a wide range of electrical loads, each of the 48 outputs has user-defined trip limits including reset, onboard math-based control strategy, and a measurement of the current and voltage. The unit supports high speed (20kHz) pulse width modulation (PWM) enabling very precise control of power to items such as an electric motor or to modulate an ECU input.

Enclosed in a high quality anodised aluminium box and sealed to IP65, there are indicator LED's for all 48 outputs, together with "heartbeat", comms and trip status.

The IPS48 is configured using Cosworth's latest 'Toolset' PC software where the user is able to combine any physical input and / or CAN channel to form a control strategy for each power output. Features such as auto start, light sequences, pump control and limp home strategies are all now possible. Toolset is also used to communicate with and configure Cosworth's latest generation ICD TFT and D4 LCD dash / loggers and L2 logger.

The IPS32 has the ability to run on 12v or 24v systems with over voltage and load dump protection as standard, and integrates a powerful built-in diagnostics logger making the IPS48 a true standalone intelligent power control system.

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  • 48x HSD outputs with PWM control on all outputs
  • High current outputs for loads up to 75A
  • Rapid over current fault detection (~40us)
  • Synchronous current measurement
  • Supports user developed Simulink control strategies
  • 6x digital inputs for use as hardwire switches
  • 2x CAN ports each with 64 message buffers
  • 1x LIN Bus with support for LIN wiper motors
  • Integrated data logger
  • 100Mbs Ethernet for configuration and logger offload
  • Designed for 12 / 24 Volt systems
  • Black anodized rugged aluminium case
  • Configured using Cosworth's latest Toolset PC software
Product Code Description
01I-610084 IPS48 MkII Intelligent Power System



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