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Pectel EQ9

The Pectel EQ9 is the latest generation loom compatible ECU, now based on SQ6 technology for the Mitsubishi Evo9, designed for GrpN rally competition and suitable for many other EvoIX applications.

The EQ9 has many advanced features to ensure accurate and reliable control whilst extracting the maximum possible performance from the engine package.

EQ9 has a lot of advantages for Evo9 owners looking to upgrade from their current solution such as a plug in M800 board or a Pectel E2:

  • Possibility of 4 ALS strategies (Off, Mild, Medium and Strong)
  • Advanced Launch control
  • Individual cylinder knock control
  • Higher speed processor for even higher accuracy of control than E2.
  • Possibility of up to 4 ignition, fuel, boost (wastegate), strategies. i.e.
    1. Transport with 98 octane fuel ignition map and low boost for fuel economy.
    2. Mild ALS with 100 octane,
    3. Mild ALS with 102 octane,
    4. Strong ALS with 102 octane. or many other variant options.
  • All OEM inputs and outputs function for all models, Evo9 Japan, Europe and US including US fuel tank sensors and valves and also Evo8 JDM MR model
  • For non-GrpN use with added wires into the unassigned OEM pins there is the possibility of:
    1. Addition of 2 more ignition coils with internal amps for control of 4 sequential ignition.
    2. Possibility to run 4 unamplified pencil coils direct from ECU.
    3. Possibility to run 4 extra injectors for High HP engines.
    4. Pectel Dual boost control (Boost pressure and PRP restrictor pressure control)
    5. Dual (push-pull) Phase, anti-phase boost control valves for precise boost control in high pressure rise rate and/or restrictor applications.
    6. Extra analogue and digital inputs for pressure/Temperature/Positional/speed/switched sensors with user calibrations.
    7. Extra fully configurable PWM and switched outputs.
    8. 1 extra H-bridge output making it possible for the addition of FBW throttle control (also Stepper motor outputs can be configured as H-Bridge giving total of 3 H-bridge controllers)
    9. Wide band Lambda sensor can be added for closed loop Lambda control.
    10. Extra configurable 5v/12v sensor supplies.
    11. Possibility of upgrade to Pectel's highly advanced Traction control with strategies against wheel speeds and crankshaft acceleration.
  • CAN and RS232 comms for addition of dashes and data loggers.
  • High speed Ethernet comms for Logged data offload and ECU comms.

The addition of fully configurable internal data logging (2000 samples/sec, 2MB) compatible with Pi Toolbox analysis software and a logbook function, helps keep track of engine health as well as allowing detailed performance analysis of engine parameters.

01E-501021-DB - Pectel EQ9 with DB1 It is also possible to upgrade to the EQ9-DB which includes a removable card logger with 8,000 samples/second throughput and 256MB compact flash card - highly desirable for engine development.

The EQ9 is suitable in any application where a high quality, plug in replacement, fully programmable EMS is needed. A separate controller (Pectel EDC), which is linked to the ECU for RPM, throttle and brake dependant control, is available to run the active differential on the car.

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