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High performance engines reject a substantial amount of heat through the oil system Maintaining oil pressure and control along with an increase in actual volume will help dissipate heat and stabilize oil temperatures.

Cosworth oil control components are engineered to combat several problem areas experienced in high performance engines.

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Product Code Description
20001238 Subaru (EJ20/EJ25) High Volume Oil Pan
20002499 Subaru (EJ20/EJ25) Oil Control Baffle
KK3928 Subaru (EJ20/EJ25) Blueprinted Oil Pump with high pressure mod & install kit
20001185 Subaru (EJ20/EJ25) High Volume/Pressure Blueprinted Oil Pump & install kit
20009093 Subaru 2008+ STI (EJ25) Blueprinted Oil Pump with high pressure mod .& install kit
20004463 Dry Sump Kit, Subaru EJ (Includes pan, 2 stage scav pump, brackets and pump drive-fluid lines / tank are not included)
20009175 Nissan (VQ35) High Pressure Oil Pump Kit
20008841 Nissan (VQ35) Oil Control Baffle
20008632 Nissan (VQ35) Oil Control Baffle 03-04 Install kit
20001382 Mitsubishi Evo VII-IX 4G63 (2.0L) Crankshaft Oil Scraper
20007845 Mazda Miata NC Oil Cooler Kit