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Duratec Crate Engines

Cosworth Ford Duratec engines are hand built and race tuned to deliver astonishing levels of performance & reliabilty, offering exceptional value for money.

We also stock a comprehensive range of Genuine Ford and Cosworth Duratec Engine replacement parts.

Brand new Cosworth built Ford engines are available as crate engines in various capacities and states of tune - 2.0 litre Duratec engine and 2.3 litre Duratec engine capacities from 205hp to 280hp.

Cosworth Duratec engines are ideal for low volume manufacturers, kit cars, hill climbing, uprating a road car, track day vehicles and race and rally cars.

We offer a comprehensive & cost effective rebuild and upgrade service carried out by our in-house Cosworth  specialist technicians,  capable of catering for all your Duratec requirements.

Cosworth start with all the individual brand new, Geniune Ford components. The lightweight aluminium cylinder block and cylinder head are expertly modified and then assembled with Cosworth camshafts, Cosworth forged pistons and rods, Cosworth barrel throttle, Cosworth dry sump, hi flow injectors, race alternator, starter, coils, spark plugs.

Cosworth Duratec engines are hand-built in the same facility as Cosworth's Formula One and other race engines. 

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Part Number Description
20001721 2.0lt Cosworth Duratec Crate Engine 205BHP
20001722 2.0lt Cosworth Duratec Crate Engine 225BHP
20001723 2.0lt Cosworth Duratec Crate Engine 255BHP
20001725 2.3lt Cosworth Duratec Crate Engine 220BHP
20001726 2.3lt Cosworth Duratec Crate Engine 250BHP
20001727 2.3lt Cosworth Duratec Crate Engine 280BHP