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We offer a comprehansive range of Genuine Ford and Cosworth Duratec component parts as well as a full range of brand new hand built, race spec crate engines.

Cosworth has been modifying Ford four cylinder engines since 1959 and the practice continues with the Ford Duratec/Mazda MZR. The Duratec/MZR was designed as a replacement for the Zetec engine and was developed in joint collaboration with Ford and Mazda.

The lightweight engine features a cast aluminium reinforced block and main bearing girdle that help reduce vibration and improve overall rigidity.

The Duratec is an excellent, affordable building block for high performance use and perfect for "Lotus Seven" inspired sports cars, rally cars and racing.

In typical Cosworth tradition, the Duratec/MZR range of parts and engines had been given a two letter designation; the YD.

During an extensive development program, Cosworth has engineered and developed a complete range of performance engine components and engine assemblies designed to provide reliable performance for serious racers and performance enthusiasts.

Ranging from forged connecting rods and pistons to complete assembled performance engines, Cosworth engine Components are engineered for maximum reliable power.

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