Case Studies

Touring Cars - BTCC

Cosworth's electronics division has supplied systems to a variety of Touring Car Championships for many years, including BTCC and WTCC.

TOCA were looking for a company with the capabilities to supply a complete electronics solution for the British Touring Car Championship's new "Next Generation Touring Car" regulations. The package had to contain both a team system and a scrutineering system, meaning the solution needed to meet the requirements of TOCA scrutineers in addition to the participating teams. Cosworth previously supplied a stand alone Delta Logger to act as the scrutineering system, however for the new NGTC regulations Cosworth developed an additional product in the Omega Dash range for the data logging and display system. The Omega D4-BTCC logging dash unit combined the team and scrutineering systems into a single integrated solution, reducing cost, maintenance and the number of boxes installed in the car.


Pi Omega D4-BTCC Display and Logger

A high performance and fully configurable backlit digital dash with on-board data logger. The integrated dash logger contains a separate secure partition which only TOCA scrutineers are granted access to. The Omega D4 utilises the cars CAN infrastructure to log both chassis and engine data in addition to feedback from the power management system.

Pectel SQ6M Engine and Gearshift Controller

The Pectel SQ6M ECU also incorporates gearbox control making it a powerful yet concise unit. The SQ6M provides the ability to configure advanced engine control strategies such as fly by wire support and "push to pass" functionalities of the new NGTC 2 litre Direct Injection Turbocharged NGTC engine. The unit interacts with the Xtrac sequential gearbox offering throttle blip and over-rev protection features. The unit has its own bespoke built in logging memory as well as being able to broadcast data across the in car CAN network to other systems.

Hyllus Power Management System

Bringing complete user control of the on car electrical requirements, the Cosworth Electronics Hyllus PMS is a modern Power Management System that replaces the traditional fuse box and relays. The Hyllus significantly reduces the weight and complexity of the wiring harnesses whilst the advanced monitoring and control of outputs improves car reliability.

MSP20 - 5 x 4 Membrane Switch Panel

The Cosworth MSP is a fully customisable membrane switch panel that can be backlit for endurance purposes and features LED status lights above each switch. The switch states are transmitted via CAN to the other on-board systems whilst also receiving basic status information. This results in a compact and lightweight panel that further simplify the electronics installation and increases reliability.

Pectel IDU1 Injector Driver Unit

In order to control the injectors of the NGTC direct injection engine an IDU1 is required. The unit communicates with the Pectel SQ6M ECU and features 6 GDI injector drivers and 2 low-side drivers that are used to drive the fuel pump.

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Why Choose Cosworth Electronics?

Cosworth Electronics has a highly prestigious and respected history ranging over 20 years and prides itself as a complete solutions provider, not just a supplier. Cosworth has the capabilities to be the single source supplier for all electronics systems and provides additional services such as Project Management and excellent factory and field support from our highly experienced dedicated Support Team.

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