Case Studies

Porsche 991 - Supercup

The GT3 incarnation of the legendary 911 is the seventh generation of the sports car that has graced race tracks of the world. This totally new platform brings with it a step change in the levels of state of the art technology employed on the vehicle. 

Cosworth's electronics division employed two new products to deliver the ground breaking OE platform integration and functionality for the Porsche motorsport engineering team:

Cosworth Omega ICD Dash Logger
A fully configurable colour dash display with high capacity on-board data logger that replaces that standard instruments and gauges on the car. 

The Cosworth ICD is an integral part of the vehicle which makes it considerably more complex than a 'standard' racing dash logger. One key technology that has been built into the ICD by the electronics team at Cosworth is support for LIN bus communications. This enables the intelligent colour display to integrate with a wide range of sensors and actuators that are employed in the Porsche OE-platform including control of the HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning) vents - not an obvious essential on a race car but demisting the windscreen can be handy when it's raining!

Cosworth IPS32 Power Management System
Brings complete control of the on car electrical requirements to the engineer.

The IPS32 has been built around our solid-state power control technology and knowhow that has been amassed since we created the original 'Hercules' product as a replacement for the fuse relays and breakers on a race car, which act as safety devices for the electrical systems - alternator, battery, headlights, fans, windscreen wipers and so on. By making the unit programmable via on board intelligence combined with CAN messages the idea was to enable breakers to be reset automatically and failure modes to be defined that could enable a car to be as resilient as possible on the punishing conditions encountered on an endurance race track or rally stage.

One of the more significant advances in the IPS32 is support for high speed pulse width modulation (PWM) which enables very precise control of the amount of power that is supplied to a device such as an electric motor or to modulate an ECU input.

This PWM control enables continual variation in the supplied power level rather than 100% 'ON' or 'OFF' - a feature that is particularly important in control strategies that manage heat dissipation and power saving modes. 

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Why Choose Cosworth Electronics?

Cosworth's electronics division has a highly prestigious and respected history ranging over 20 years and prides itself as a complete solutions provider, not just a supplier. Cosworth has the capabilities to be the single source supplier for all electronics systems and provides additional services such as Project Management and excellent factory and field support from our highly experienced dedicated Support Team.

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