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2011 was an important year for Cosworth in two-wheeled motorsport, as the MotoGP and WSBK regulations permitted ride-by-wire systems for the first time. To enable our customer teams to take full advantage of the new regulations, Cosworth's electronics division developed a set of new control software in close collaboration with the WSBK Castrol Honda team working with 5 riders during the development programme.

The Cosworth WSBK system raced for the first time in Imola 2011 and enabled the team to take the chequered flag for the race win.

Pectel MQ12 Engine Controller

Our most advanced ECU features a newly developed sector-by-sector mapping feature, allowing calibration changes depending of the position of the bike on the track. The MQ12 also features active Engine Braking Control, Anti-Wheelie, Launch Control and Traction Control. The ECU also provides split time information to the Omega Dash display panel.

Pectel DB1 Card logger

The DB1 is a compact flash card writer used to log the information sent over CAN by the MQ12 ECU. The logging memory is up to 2GB and the bandwidth is up to 8000 samples/second. This provides a very flexible logging system where team engineers do not need to 'plug-in' to download the data. After each outing, the data engineer replaces the card with a fresh one and can use the logged data to debrief the rider straight away.

Omega Dash

The Omega D1 Dash is a highly configurable dash, where the writing is clear and precise. The removable shift light module allows it to be mounted in the optimum position. The dash can display alarm from the ECU, lap time, Gear, Traction Control setting, …


The IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) is able to measure all three axis of acceleration (AccX, AccY, AccZ) and angles (pitch, roll and yaw gyros) of the bike for data analysis. The lean angle is use to correct the tyre diameter as the circumference isn't the same depending of the lean angle. Our IMU is communicating to the ECU via CAN which ensure a reliable signal to be use for control strategies.

GPS antenna

The GPS antenna is wired directly to the ECU. This information can be used to trigger lap beacon or control strategies. We also use the position of the bike on the track to compare rider's lines.

Handle bar switches modules

A billet-alumminium module that houses the switches for the rider to change Traction Control settings, engine maps and activate the MQ12 ECU Launch Control feature.

Wiring Harness

Often overlooked but an absolutely essential part of any race car. Wiring issues are both complicated to diagnose and difficult to repair so Cosworth ensured the harnesses were built to last with excellent reliability.

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Why Choose Cosworth Electronics?

Cosworth's electronics division has a highly prestigious and respected history ranging over 20 years and prides itself as a complete solutions provider, not just a supplier. Cosworth has the capabilities to be the single source supplier for all electronics systems and provides additional services such as Project Management and excellent factory and field support from our highly experienced dedicated Support Team.

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