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Cosworth electronics provide IndyCar teams and the series organizer with accurate, high resolution data in real time to deliver maximum performance from man and machine and  to engage motorsport fans in a way that makes them part of their favourite team.

IndyCar pushes the boundaries of motor sports technology as the premier open-wheel racing series in the USA. The series organizer demands the best in terms of race car performance and broadcast technology. Cosworth has provided complete data system solutions to the series for over two decades.

For the latest generation IndyCar, a combination of a team data system and a scrutineering system for the series organizer was required - an increasingly common requirement in championships around the world. To deliver a single integrated solution, reducing cost, maintenance and the number of boxes installed in the car, while enabling teams greater bandwidth, each car is fitted with high bandwidth radio (WiMAX) and data capture electronics to deliver data from any channel on the car.
Data is streamed continuously back to the pit complex, from where it can be used for its existing purpose as a scrutineering device for organisers, but can now additionally be sent to teams for performance analysis or to fans directly.

The Cosworth electronics system for IndyCar comprises.

Sigma Lightweight System

Employed in the most demanding of motorsport applications where space is at an absolute premium but functionality cannot be sacrificed, the Sigma Lightweight System provides comprehensive high data-rate logging and support for custom application code control strategies.

Cosworth Live On Air Media Radio Module

The Cosworth Live On Air system employs customised WiMax technology to deliver high bandwidth real-time telemetry linking every car on the track to a central data hub.

Sigma Steering Wheel Dash

The Sigma Steering Wheel Dash (SWD) is integrated into a custom carbon shell, and is used to display data channel values from the Sigma Lightweight System to the driver.

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Why Choose Cosworth Electronics?

Cosworth Electronics has a highly prestigious and respected history ranging over 20 years and prides itself as a complete solutions provider, not just a supplier. Cosworth has the capabilities to be the single source supplier for all electronics systems and provides additional services such as Project Management and excellent factory and field support from our highly experienced dedicated Support Team.

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