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Endurance Racing Engine

Group Lotus has signalled its intention to create a renaissance at the famous Norfolk-based manufacturer, both on the road and on the race track. Cosworth is once again providing the power to the green and yellow cars, this time for a major sports car racing programme based on the Lotus Evora chassis. 

Cosworth have delivered 3 new projects for Lotus, all of which have competed in 2011.

While the Cosworth of the last century provided just engines to Lotus, in 2011 Cosworth Group is also providing the electronics that have become such an essential component of the modern racing car - controlling the engine, monitoring car performance and beaming data back to the pit lane.

Having completed the Lotus Type 125 programme, the engineering teams at Cosworth have delivered 3 new projects for Lotus, all of which have competed in 2011 in a return to GT racing that spans the British national championship all the way to the great Le Mans 24h. 

Engineering teams from across the Group have worked on the Lotus programme with the programme delivering top-notch results in a very compressed timeframe.

"The GLB endurance engine which made its debut in Dubai was a great challenge for us, with design, manufacture, build and development all required to be completed in 11 weeks. That's around half the time that you would normally require for an endurance racing project where durability is so important. We relied on computer simulation predictions and our experience of developing high performance engines to calculate the predicted gain of individual components. The new parts were ready in time to be put on the Dubai race engine, which made the performance target on its first power test."

The GT4E car went on to make a successful debut in Dubai proving its class by working its way from the back of the field to lead after 6 hours, piloted by Leo and Greg Mansell (sons of Nigel), Johnny Mowlem and Stefan D'Aste.  

Key programme features 

  • 4.0L V6, producing 495bhp @ 7,300rpm
  • Normally aspirated and air restricted
  • Developed from a Toyota 3.5litre 2GR-FE V6
  • New intake system and port design with port throttles
  • Cylinder head with complete new valvetrain optimised on Cosworth rigs
  • Dry sump
  • Part of a family of engines developed to different specifications for GT2, GT4 and GT4E racing
  • Endurance tested to 32hrs of Le Mans simulation on Cosworth fully transient dyno
  • Design, development, calibration and track support all undertaken by Cosworth
  • Finished Le Mans at first attempt


Start of design → First event: 5 months

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Why Choose Cosworth Motorsport Engineering?

Cosworth offers a unique combination of experience and capability that has been built up over half a decade of providing race-winning engines to independent and OE manufacturer teams.

Our race bred methodology and comprehensive facilitities enable us to offer a 'one-stop-shop' for motorsport engine programmes, encompassing:
  • Concept, design and simulation
  • Prototype manufacture
  • Testing and development
  • Race engine production and track support

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