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Chevrolet Corvette - PDR

The Corvette PDR (Performance Data Recorder) development was born out of Cosworth's many years of working with the Corvette Racing Team to supply and support the full suite of motorsport electronics such as data loggers and Pi Toolbox analysis tools.

Discussions between Cosworth and General Motors about taking these racing products to the Chevrolet Corvette road car developed and it soon became evident there was a tremendous opportunity to be first to market with a fully integrated road going Performance Data Recorder.

For the PDR to be a success, the Cosworh team needed to do much more than bolting a set of motorsport products into the road car! The final solution had to be fully integrated with the Corvette's touch screen infotainment system and be certified by GM for use in a road car. This represented a paradigm shift for Cosworth and resulted in a completely new design that applied the detailed knowledge and principles from motorsport translated into an automotive Tier-1 context.

The two companies worked very closely together throughout the development to make sure the PDR was specified and designed to pass GM's rigorous Design Validation (DV) and Production Validation (PV) specifications and tests to become fully certified by GM as a factory-fitted option. This was a meticulous process that included specifying components that were GM approved in the design phase.

Two years and a huge team effort later the result has surpassed everyone's expectations.

The Corvette PDR was launched on the MY15 Corvette at CES in January 2014.
Feedback from Corvette customers and the media alike has been overwhelmingly positive and the PDR picked up four best product awards at the CES show.

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Cosworth's electronics division has a highly prestigious and respected history ranging over 20 years and prides itself as a complete solutions provider, not just a supplier. Cosworth has the capabilities to be the single source supplier for all electronics systems and provides additional services such as Project Management and excellent factory and field support from our highly experienced dedicated team.

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